The 5 most attractive features of a man

The 5 most compelling features of men are some masculine qualities that women around the world accepted as extremely attractive, and I'm not only talking about "six pack" abdomens type “chocolate bar”.

1. Its odor

Have you ever wondered why you like so much this curl under your armpit?  Well this is the answer (approximately). According to a research by “Monell Chemical Senses Center” in Philadelphia, women are attracted by the smell of the armpit of a man because the sweat that emanates from this complex contains an odourless pheromone compound that affect us unconsciously. Charles Wysocki, a neuroscientist at this center, explains that ” women love the smell of armpits because the biological data it contains helps to choose a partner. Most women even better perceive male body odor than female body.” Interesting!

2. His body language

Their attitude, the way he inadvertently runs a hand through his hair. Or simply his way of walking, women are pre-programmed to notice. According to Linda Blair, clinical psychologist and author of “Straight Talk”, it took only seven seconds to judge another person when we first meet. ” For us, a man who walks upright and feel at ease with itself, result a confident man, which is an extremely attractive feature”. Judi James, author of “The Bible body language”, tells us: “judging others after a few seconds of meeting is part of our survival response. Mostly if we feel threatened, but we take also several assumptions about attraction and personality”.

3. His form

Not necessarily looking for a cute face and muscular body, there’s something primal about our attraction to fitness. Whether or not to the gym, be in good shape and take care of your appearance. This is something that tells us about your health and well-being, which is a massive excitation source. Especially when we have sex. In general, most women also have a predisposition to prefer someone more strong than them, with broader shoulders and greater height. This is possibly a residual feature of our time living in caves, when looking at men as protectors and hunter-gatherers.

4. His sense of humor

A recent study by Northumbria University found that women use humour as a sign of intelligence in a man, that somehow explains the enormous popularity of ” a good sense of humour” as a requirement in the profiles of many women enrolled in webs of meetings.




“Intelligence is a very attractive quality as a clever man is usually more able to provide resources for his offspring” says Kristofor McCarty, who led the study. But kids know that although we like the man that make us laugh, a relentless intelligence mocking of others or  doing denigration or humiliating us is not attractive.

5. His ambitious vein

We are attracted to men with ambition to succeed for many reasons. First, this shows that there is something you are passionate about and that is a sign that you could be compromised. A great ethic work demonstrates a sense of responsibility, another positive sign when choosing a partner for life. The ambition reveals that something is putting you to win. You have the desire to get what you want and to Improve their lives. There is not one woman on earth who does not feel attracted to this man.